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                            Welcome to 
            Donna Ulrich-Termini, PLLC
                  Specializing in Therapy 
                for Children, Adolescents 
                           and Families


Just Breathe

Donna Ulrich-Termini



“Appreciate where you are on your journey, even if it’s not where
you want to be. Every season serves its purpose.”
Unknown Author

For almost 30 years my focus has been on working to make a
difference in the lives of children, adolescents, and parents.
If your child is experiencing pandemic related anxiety, behavioral,
social emotional, educational or developmental challenges, they can
benefit from therapy that is specific to their age. 

After spending my early career as a psychologist in a clinical setting
for emotionally impaired youth and their families, I then devoted
28 years to working within the public school system as both a
social worker and school psychologist.  I am excited to now share
my years of experience with  children, adolescents and adults through my private practice.                                
I obtained my Specialist Degree from both the University of Detroit and Eastern Michigan University. I am a Licensed Masters Social Worker and a Certified School  Psychologist      in the  State of Michigan. I have post-graduate training and certifications in multiple areas of mental health and special education including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Child  & Adolescent Behavior, ADHD, Emotional Impairment, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Youth Mental Health First Aid. 

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